Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Guys, have you noticed? All of a sudden, it's that time of year again...a few leaves on the ground, a slight chill in the air (but not so much that it's unthinkable to rock bare legs out on a Saturday night), you may have even switched over from iced coffee to soy lattes. Do you know what this time of year is called? No, not fall. Not autumn. It's called LEATHER WEATHER, and it's here in full force.

For the uninitiated, let me explain. In New York, at least, leather weather lasts from approximately September through some time in November, depending on how good you are at layering and how forcefully Winter encroaches. And then, like a shining beacon in the black night, it's back again for round two (you may have grown accustomed to calling this time of year "Spring").

So, if you haven't acquired a leather yet or you're in the market for a new one, well then read on, friend, because I've got your ultimate guide to my favorite closet staple, ranging from stuff you can afford to stuff that will probably only ever haunt your wildest dreams. 

Shit You Can Maybe Afford:

Zara, $269
Zara is kind of the move in terms of leather jackets. I purchased one similar to this recently to replace the faux jacket I wore literally to pieces throughout college. Apparently, I have awesome taste, because it now appears to be sold out. This one is similar though, only less zippery and sans lapel. Also, they have nice looking vegan jackets for around $119 bucks.

Reformation, $478
But, if we're being frank, I wish I had waited for this guy. I didn't see it and then it popped up on my Newsfeed today and I became sad. Not only am I crazy about everything Reformation does, but this shows awesome attention to detail and looks like it would cost about twice what it does.

Free People, $398
This is a perfectly classic jacket. If you check out the detail photos, it has a pretty lining and also comes in maroon, if you're tryna switch it up a bit.
Shit You Can Probably Only Afford If You Just Got a Birthday Check From Your Grandma Or Something:

April, May, $699
April, May makes some of the coolest leather jackets I have ever seen. With unique embroidery, distressing, and other customized details, if you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket, well, you're welcome (I'm sorry?).

Muubaa, $590
Muubaa offers beautiful, buttery (I've touched them IN PERSON) jackets in the elusive $500-600 range. On their site, the have them available in literally a rainbow of colors and styles, from teal blazers to ombre (!) bikers.

Mackage, $795
This is a nice jacket to invest in if you want something without a lot of hard wear, that's less punk and more grown-up.

Shit There's No Fucking Way You Can Afford (So Put It In Your Spank Bank and Move On):

Alexander McQueen, $2,465
Okay, so while this isn't a leather jacket in the strictest of senses, it is a combination of my two favorite kinds of jacket (just TRY and guess the other), and it is therefore fabulous and worthy of coveting.

IRO, $1,485
This jacket is just stupid beautiful. Looking at it makes me feel the way that looking at really gorgeous models sometimes makes me feel - like, why on earth does something need to be that perfect?

Rick Owens, $2,195
Rick Owens is known for his beautiful leather jackets, and this one is no exception.

Balenciaga, about $3,000 each.
But at a certain point, they all begin to blend together, don't they? They all kind of feel the same. All, that is, except for the Balenciaga moto jacket. The mother of all moto jackets, I can't even find one of these for sale online. I wish I knew who the owner of not one, but THREE of these things was. I probably wouldn't know whether to rob her or kiss her, though, and then things might get tense. Feast your eyes, bitches, this is leather heaven.

That's all, folks. Now it's time to get yo'self a nice scarf to go with that leather, acquire a pumpkin spice latte, mock said latte in order to mask how much you're really enjoying it and what that says about you as a person, and then realize that you're wearing a fucking leather jacket and that makes you undeniably cool and therefore able to drink whatever girlie Starbucks drinks you want. 

This doesn't apply to alcoholic beverages though. Man up in that department. Don't ruin it for the rest of us, here.

This is how cool you are now. It's a privilege. Work it, girl.


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  2. I'll be honest! I stumbled upon your blog and i'm in love with your witty writing! Really interesting and definitely better than the usual "OMGGGG I WISH I HAD THIS" posts we get nowadays. Who knew that I'd be finding such a piece of treasure? Great feature on the leather classic girl!

    just connected with you and can't wait to read more of your posts in the near future!