Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Ultimate Fashion Icon

Kate Moss turns 39 today! I have loved Kate Moss for so long, I can't even remember a time when I didn't love Kate Moss. Seriously. Freshman year of college when I was crazy, I had a topless picture of her hanging in my dorm room and I used to tell everyone that my nipples looked exactly like hers. They kind of do, but I no longer share that information with random people, except when I do.

Sure, she's been blamed for anorexia, smoking, heroin addition and a whole host of other ostensibly bad things, but doesn't that just add to her badass appeal? And no one, I mean NO ONE has better street style than her. While part of me wants to hate her for looking better at 39 than I do at 23, I just like her too much. Because she's human and she's flawed and she owns it and genuinely appears to not give a fuck.

She's obviously jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but she isn't "perfect" and the fact that at 5'7, with imperfect teeth she can be the biggest supermodel in the world for the past 20 years makes room for every other girl to look in the mirror and love her own quirks. It's weird, because she's been blamed for all these eating disorders and body-hatred among young women, but all she's really done all these years is be herself. She's obviously a naturally thin, small-framed woman and she came into modeling during a time when the most successful women were tall, busty and All-American looking. She carved out a market for the slightly scrawny, strange beauty standing in the corner smoking a cigarette, not giving a shit. And for me, that girl is so much more interesting than the perfectly made-up glamazon with the huge boobs. Not to hate on that look either, but without Kate the world of fashion would be a much different place, I imagine. So, happy birthday to one of my top three style icons! (The other two are Edie Sedgwick and Courtney Love, just in case you were desperately wondering).

90's Kate. Fucking gorgeous.

My boyfriend recently had a dream in which we got married and I showed up to the wedding wearing a feather crown like this. And in this dream, he left me at the altar! Men...
Kate & Johnny. Nice coffee mug,  J.Deps
This picture made me want to go to music festivals.

This picture made me wanna smoke cigs.
This picture makes me wonder if smoking cigs while wearing  a facemask cancels out all the negative effects?!?! 


Nonchalance is the name of the game

Check the perfectly tousled, I-don't-care hair on the right.

This image graced my freshman dorm wall. 

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