Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Girls" is coming back and I'm stupid excited

The polarizing show "Girls" is coming back on January 13, and I've gotta say, I'm pumped. I mean, come on, as a recent college grad "almost kind of getting it together" in Brooklyn, this show is basically about me. And why would I not want to watch a fictionalized version of my exact demographic deal with problems that I too, am experiencing on a daily basis? The answer is that I would. I do.

I knew the show had been heavily criticized for a variety of (mostly bullshit, in my humble opinion) reasons including supposed racism, nepotism, etc etc. But until I saw this article on The Cut, I was not aware that allegations were also being thrown in the direction of the wardrobe department. Personally, I think that's absurd, as Girls is one of the only shows on air right now that actually sticks to its characters personalities, lifestyles and most importantly BUDGETS when dressing them. Nothing drives me more nuts than to see a character that is supposed to be a kindergarten teacher prance around in a never ending series of silk Marc Jacobs blouses. Come. On. I guess in their defense not everyone notices this kind of thing, but if you're like me and you start to, it becomes sooooooooo distracting from the point of the show. Sure, if it's Sex and the City, the clothes kinda are the point of the show, so who cares? But if it's How I Met Your Mother, I shouldn't be able to identify the fact that the characters are wearing clothes that are lightyears outside their budget ranges. But maybe I'm just crazy.

ANYWAY. Girls. As a twenty-something girl living in Brooklyn, I say this show could not be more spot on. Okay, so, I've never eaten cupcakes while naked in the bathtub with my roommate (to be fair, my roommates are dudes, so this would be exceedingly weird) but I do fancy myself the voice of "a" generation, so hey. Lena and I have something pretty major in common, you guys.

But to tie this back to fashion so that I'll stop rambling - remember that episode where Jessa (who's obviously my style soul sister on the show, big surprise) wears a kimono??! DO YOU? Well, ever since then I've really really wanted a kimono-esque garment. I guess I'm kind of procrastinating on buying one until the spring because I can't really visualize it underneath a heavy coat.

Ermagerd. Girl crush.

This is totally on sale right now at Nasty Gal, so I should probably just stop dicking around and get it, right? Right guys?

I Google Image searched "Chiffon Kimono" and this came up. Sadly it was sold from Etsy in like 2011. Stupid Google.

The final thing I have to say on this topic is that when Girls first came out I was like really, really scared that someone had totally just written the show I've spent my whole life wanting to write and then I watched it and I was like PHEW. They didn't. THEY DIDN'T. Because they forgot to make the male characters actual people, which totally serves their purpose (Hello? The show is called "Girls", not "Humans") but I'm just, like, relieved that there's still room for MY show about angsty over-privileged young people. Thank God. And stay tuned!

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