Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Check How Stylish I Am in My Awesome Dream Life

January fashion is boring me. I love layering, but this time of year I'm always so over it. I miss being able to wear jackets instead of coats, flats instead of boots and BARE LEGS! They feel like a thing of the distant, distant past. New York hasn't even been that cold, but trying to dress for the weather and also look somewhat stylish and professional is making mornings a nightmare. Everything in my closet just feels so blah and all I want to do is just be warm - not exactly an invitation for adventurous fashion choices.   I would love to go shopping, but I'm trying out this new thing. It's called saving money - apparently people do it? I dunno, but I hear it's all the rage.

So, instead of going out and buying a bunch of shit, I'm going to quell my desires for new clothes with some images of what I wear everyday in my amazing dream life where I have a lot of money and a high tolerance for heel-induced pains.  Clearly, Louboutins are a staple of dream life fashion.

I'm sorry - is this not the most badass outfit you've ever seen? If I could look like this every time I go out on a Saturday, I would be happy.

This is the perfect artsy meets professional outfit for a day at work. Except in reality those heels plus me plus 8 AM would not equal fun times. 

Perfect for lazy, hungover Sundays when I don't want to hear, see or otherwise acknowledge the existence of other humans standing in the way between me and my brunch.

In other news, I totally see why preteens like Polyvore so much. That shit is FUN, man. Why didn't they have that when we were kids. Oh, right, we were too busy playing with Palace Dolls (remember that???) Now if only these outfits could come alive and populate mah closet. Hmm. 

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