Thursday, September 26, 2013

Current Obsession: SCF x Wonderland

One might assume that, due to my brief and rather ill-fated stint as a sunglasses salesperson at Nordstrom, perhaps sunnies have been ruined for me. That assumption would be wrong. Despite haunting memories of spending hours in a hot little box advising bitchy older ladies as to whether the Prada's fit their faces better than the Kate Spade's, I still love sunglasses. And I just can't seem to stop buying the damn things.

Which is why, just now, when I saw on my newsfeed that one of my absolute favorite brands, Stone Cold Fox, is doing a sunglasses collaboration with Wonderland, an indie sunglass label that's way cooler than the mainstream designer stuff I used to hawk, I just about pissed my pants. These shades have that perfect cay-eye that's on trend but still super wearable, and come in 5 colors.

Now to set about justifying to myself the purchase of a SIXTH pair of sunglasses...

Be mine?

Check out The Colony by SCF x Wonderland here.

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