Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Stuff I Like From NYFW

For those of you who haven't been obsessively stalking Women's Wear Daily all week trying to answer the real, hard-hitting questions in life like,"I know that I like it, but WHY do I like it? What is it doing? What does it mean?" (cue nauseating flashback to my senior Art History seminar), I'm here to say I've done that work for you. Well, I can't tell you what you like and why you like it, but if you'll let me, I'd love to school you in what I like and why I like it. Just don't ask me why fashion can be so esoteric because I DON'T KNOW.

Jerome 5:31, by Jerome Lamaar, is on POINT.
At first glance, it's super clean and well-tailored, but then you look deeper and there are these little hints of just unabashed funkiness. Like that freaking hat! With the freaking flowers! And the skirt...with the freaking sequins! And the shoes with their moss-like quality. Such beautiful, subtle references to the natural world. It's artsy and it's screaming to be street-styled, but yet I, as a regular person, am not alienated by that fact. Someone buy me that hat so I can wear it to a Phish show, because in my heart of hearts, I believe that's where it needs to be worn.

Marc by Marc excites me not only because I have a slight chance of possibly being able to afford it, but also because it's very easy to wear without being the slightest bit boring. It's everything you'd expect from Marc - great prints, trendy as fuck, and looks like it would blend seamlessly with the rest of your closet. As this collection and many others show, the whole questionably ugly flat shoes trend is here to stay. Perhaps more on this later. Also: METALLICS. Pastel metallics for spring. Yum. I feel like if someone back in like 1980 had been asked to predict what we'd be wearing in 2013, the last two looks would completely be it. The future is here, people.

Custo Barcelona. The weird thing is that I think of them as being purveyors of kind of mediocre looking cotton shirts with like weird, graphic prints on them. But I really like this. It's kind of like a cousin to the Mara Hoffman we looked at, no? Same layering of ethnic patterns, but here it feels more feminine and less boho. It's a color palette rooted in pastels rather than neons, but it's also the cut of the dresses - they're skimming the body instead of flowing away from it, which makes it feel more ladylike to me. I'd also just like to draw everyone's attention to the blue feather skirt in look two, because I am certain it will be present in my dreams.

So. To recap: lots of pastels! Which is good, because it's Spring, and also because they're pretty and I like pretty things. Deep, I know. But, come on, admit it, you didn't want to read a think just wanted to look at some clothes, because dammit, that's what Fashion Week's for.

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